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Superlite Outriggers Instruction Tutorial

Congratulations on your purchase of Superlite outriggers. You can ski with the confidence of knowing that your outriggers were manufactured by Enabling Technologies, the foremost name in the outrigger market for decades.
Box Contents:
2 complete lower tubes – including ski tip, string, and string adjustor 2 upper tubes – including grip 2 cuffs with post 1 pair quick clips w/ eyelet 4 bolts with nuts

1. Insert lower leg into upper t ube with string and del rin pin fa cing the same direction as hand grip. Align adjusting holes for correct height. In sert quick clip with eyelet through both holes. Make sure that eyelet lines up w ith hand grip and del rin pin.

2. Run string through eyelet on qu ick clip and through end cap at th e end of the hand grip. Tie a knot in the string as close to the end cap as possible. If string is not long enough, adjust length with string adjustor. After tying the knot, pull on string adjustor to tighten string.

3. Insert cuff post with cuff into upper tube. Align cuff post with adjustor holes. After determining desired location, insert quick clip or bolt.

When worn, the opening on the cuff should be to the inside of the arm. Outrigger Tips and Tricks

1. To adjust the opening of the cuff, heat cuff (boiling water or a hair drier work well). Then wrap the cuff around something with the diameter that you are seeking. For example, a softball or coffee mug. Use a rubber band or string to tighten cuff around the object.

2. ET suggests replacing quick clip with bolts on ce desired lengths are determined. This keeps adjustor holes from egging out or rattling.

3. For sticking del rin pins, a pply WD 40 or other lubricant.
Cuff Assembly
cuff post
Handle End Cap
handle end
string adjuster
String guide
string guide
Quick clip/w loop
quick clip
String adjuster
cuff post
ski joint
Derlin pin & spring

Original Basket Brake claw
basket brake
Original Ski Tip
Original ski tip
Nexgen Ski tip
ski tip
Upper tube Complete
Lower tube Complete
lower tube